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Pruning, hedge trimming, gardening, and lawn maintenance! Here at Diamond Cut Lawn and Garden, we provide excellent service from lawn care to landscaping! We can do it all and would be glad to help!

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Wow! It's hard to believe that within ten years of lawn cutting, Tylor and I have easily walked on enough grass to travel the whole circumference of our planet's land and oceans combined. Within one season, we can acquire more experience than a homeowner that cuts their own grass for seventy years (and yes, I did the math on these equations). Your lawn is usually the first thing people see when they approach your home, and if well maintained, it can add great curb appeal. Your home is an investment and keeping things visually appealing can add value to it. Our lawn cutting includes trimming, edging, mowing, and blowing all areas as well as taking the grass clippings away. We like to change the direction we mow every time; this avoids putting ruts in your lawn and enhances the look!


There are many believers out there that want a nice thick wide hedge that creates a sound barrier to traffic and neighbours. In reality, the inside of that hedge is hollow, more susceptible to snow damage, a haven for critters, a chore to maintain, and it decreases the size of your usable property. It's never too early to start shaping and maintaining your hedge; a properly maintained hedge can definitely increase your property value and catch the eyes of all your neighbours. It can take many years before things really start looking great, but with the combination of skill and patience, the reward will be worth it!

Additional Services

We can also provide services such as pressure washing, gutters, fence repair, and more. We are experienced in all aspects of outdoor maintenance and would love to help out any way we can.